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Simplify the way you manage and monitor the progress of your organisation’s medical revalidation process.


Discover our appraisal and revalidation software, designed with clinicians and governing bodies to provide optimal benefits to you.

With over 20 years of experience in medical appraisal solutions, our developers understand that making appraisal and revalidation process as simple as possible is the highest priority.


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Clarity Appraisals

Clarity Appraisals

Manage your organisation’s medical appraisals with ease, with tailor made access for appraisees, appraisers, responsible officers and administrators. There is also an assessor role for quality assurance and a lead appraiser role for appraiser performance reviews. Each user role benefits from a dashboard summarising key data. For all user roles, Clarity Appraisals is designed to be intuitive. Developed by clinicians, the objective of the toolkit is to ensure that all aspects of the GMC’s requirements for appraisals and revalidation can be met without it being time consuming or complicated. For managers and administrators, Clarity Appraisals provides comprehensive and accurate reports, ensuring that you have all you require for internal use and for NHS quarterly reporting.

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