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From information sharing and compliance to improved communication across member practices, discover our software for CCGs.

As membership organisations, CCGs need to share with their member practices. Sometimes, the need is for announcements and alerts. At other times, you need to share information intended for reference later, such as value based commissioning rules or service details. CCGs also need to provide practices with information from other sources, such as secondary care providers. However, they must ensure that these communications are transparent and under control. This is where Clarity TeamNet can help.


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Clarity Teamnet

Clarity TeamNet

CCG teams are often trying to achieve all communications using large, unwieldy, email distribution lists. Even if these were always accurate and up-to-date, email relies on each recipient correctly cascading and filing the content, a process that is far from reliable.

Some CCG’s try to address these problems by using a website or even a cumbersome generic solution like Sharepoint. Even if fully funded from existing licences, these are difficult to maintain, rarely provide effective ways to target roles or practice groups and can be difficult to extend other organisations.

Perhaps more importantly, it can be difficult to get regular engagement from practice teams. Emails are either missed or cannot be retrieved subsequently when they are relevant. Websites and intranet solutions are asking practices to ‘scan’ yet another source of information which can place further time pressure on busy practices.

A full TeamNet deployment provides everyone of a CCG’s practices with a private portal. They can use the full TeamNet toolset to support CQC compliance, information management, personal appraisal and revalidation and much more.

A CCG licence also allows for any number CCG portals to:

  • Unlimited portals for other organisations for the purpose or sharing with the CCG or its practices.
  • Confidence that practices are getting direct benefits and are motivated to access their portal for internal use.
  • CCG sharing of individual items with everyone in every practice, or just with specific roles or practices.
  • Practice searches of all items, local and shared, in one easy action.
  • Confidence that a single up to date version is available to the practices from the CCG and that searches will shows shared items in the same results as any local copies.
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