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Continuing Professional Development

Use your time wisely, with a range of software and clinical knowledge resources that help you to reach CPD targets and help you track and stay on top of your CPD progress easily, allowing you to focus on the things that really matter.


Solutions to help you treat patients with confidence

An important part of being a medical professional is continuing education, keeping up to date with the latest developments in your field, and ensuring that you can provide the best quality care for your patients. However, undertaking CPD and the administration that comes with it inevitably proves an unwelcome and additional burden on your already stretched workload.

In primary care, every minute is precious, and solutions that can save time whilst providing you with the best quality content can make all the difference in your professional career.


We have been a market leader and provider of software and clinical support for GPs for over two decades.

High Quality

Our team of healthcare and software experts ensure we are always compliant, provide robust and intuitive software, and use only the latest evidence-based clinical information.

Always Evolving

We regularly invest in all our products to ensure they are always user-friendly and effective at reducing your workload.

Clarity eLearning

High quality clinical and statutory & mandatory eLearning from our team of NICE CKS authors. Clarity’s online learning tools provide you with the latest in evidence-based content for the primary care sector and offers new courses and content every month, to make sure you’re always up to date with the latest clinical information.

Clarity Appraisals

Trusted by 85% of GPs, and thousands of Nurses, and Paramedics across England, Clarity Appraisals is the market-leading appraisal and revalidation solution for medical professionals. Clarity offers a secure and simple way to keep track of your progress and make your journey towards revalidation as easy as possible. And, by upgrading to Clarity Plus, you can also benefit from eLearning, which provides high quality and trusted courses, seamlessly integrated with Clarity Appraisals to make sure your time and effort is rewarded.

Clarity TeamNet

Our market leading GP practice software also serves as an important CPD resource, particularly for GPs. The wealth of practice information stored in TeamNet means that GPs can rapidly access key information such as significant events, complaints and compliments, training records, and clinical guidance. All these items are available for use for private reflections and appraisal evidence. The link with Clarity Appraisals means that GPs can use TeamNet as a CPD resource and instantly upload their CPD evidence to the appraisal account within seconds.

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