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Clinical Decision Support

Quick access to the latest, trusted and evidence-based guidance that will support you in accurately assessing a patient’s diagnosis and determining the best treatment.


Explore our trusted solutions that support your clinical decisions at the point of care.

In your primary care role, staying on top of the latest research is vital when making any clinical decisions. This can prove to be a time-consuming challenge with the everchanging world of medicine, combined with your busy clinical schedule.

When it comes to clinical guidance nothing is more important than the reliability of the information that you are accessing. We pride ourselves on our team of dedicated clinicians and researchers who create high-quality content which is under constant and rigorous review, helping you to make the most accurate decision based on the latest evidence.


We have been a market leader and provider of software and accredited by NICE for our clinical support for GPs for over two decades.

High Quality

Our team of healthcare and software experts ensure we are always compliant, provide robust and intuitive software, and use only the latest evidence-based clinical information.

Always Evolving

We constantly invest in all our products to ensure they are always user-friendly and effective at reducing your workload.

Clarity Prodigy

Designed to be a practical online resource offering diagnosis and treatment guidance, prescribing information, and management guidance to aid healthcare workers at the point of care, to help diagnose and treat patients. Available in the UK through NICE CKS, available internationally through a licence to Prodigy.


Provides GPs and other healthcare professionals within a practice rapid access to information, including clinical support such as NICE guidelines and the BNF, and also access to the latest local clinical pathways.

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