Patient Safety

Clarity Informatics have been involved in patient safety in four regions of England for six years. This has focused on working with NHS partners to deliver clinical quality improvement and mortality review programmes.

There are many ways to embed a culture of patient safety and quality improvement in a clinical setting. These include inspection of sites, surveys of opinion such as patient experience measures, quantitative data using national or regional information or collecting data from clinical units. We have specific experience in the data collection, analytics and reporting to improve patient safety.

We rely on clinical engagement at the outset. Our method of driving the process provides a firm foundation for the clinical “buy-in” which secures a basis for future working. Beyond this, in order to provide confidence for the clinicians, we then deliver high quality complete and accurate data to inform our approach to patient safety and quality improvement.

Quality Improvement

‘Quality improvement’ is a term that summarises a whole range of approaches used by business and industry to improve the quality of products and services. Two quotes provide a guide to how tricky quality can be to describe.

“If you cannot describe what you are doing as a process, you do not know what you are doing.”

W. Edwards Deming 1900-1993, American continuous improvement management guru

“Even though quality cannot be defined, you know what quality is.”

Robert M. Pirsig 1928-, American writer “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”
Defining quality in healthcare is not straightforward. There are a variety of ideas The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests: ‘Quality is a process of meeting the needs and expectations of patients and health service staff’ The American Medical Association have also put forward their view: ‘Quality is the degree to which care services influence the probability of optimal patient outcomes’ We believe that clinical Quality Improvement is not simply an end goal, it is a continuous process that employs rapid cycles of improvement. We have been working to improve clinical quality for over 20 years. To find out more links here to quality improvement service and mortality review.