Retrospective Case Review System

Mortality and morbidity case reviews are a long-established feature of clinical peer review meetings. Retrospective Case Review (RCR) helps to improve understanding and learning about problems in healthcare by facilitating and enhancing the case review process and share best practice.

What can it do for you?

  • Reduce administrative burden and the overall financial burden
  • Improve efficiency of your case review process
  • Access data quickly and efficiently
  • Identify learning points and areas for improvement
  • Use a robust delivery model for quick implementation

Retrospective Case Review

Strategic Performance Dashboard

Gain intelligence and insight into how your trust is performing

Reporting Module with Custom Reports

Identify lessons learned and focus your efforts on where it matters

Meet your policy and process needs

Implement features to help meet the requirements of your trust

Self-serving system

Assign cases to reviewers, escalate cases requiring further attention

Bespoke reviews

Design your review forms or choose from a suite of standard forms

Within system messaging

Manage your meetings and send alerts, no information is transferred out of the system

Watch our video to understand what we do

“Clarity’s retrospective case review tool provides the ability to share reviews more easily within the organisation and especially in due course beyond it, flexibility in terms of the forms and ease of reporting.”

Mr Tony Roberts

Deputy Director for Clinical Effectiveness, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

How RCR can help you drive improvement

Actionable insights through real-time reporting and analytics

Instant updates to Dashboards and Reports

Identify the prime factors resulting in mortality

Detect medical and organisational factors that affect patient mortality

Review all hospital mortalities with minimal effort

As easily-accessible online solution making reviews more efficient

“Although we are only just getting up and running with the Clarity retrospective case review system it is already showing benefits, this can only get better the more we use it .”

Janet Alderton

Head of Patient Safety, North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust