Case Studies

Discover how our industry leading sharing, compliance and workforce management platform is helping practice’s across the country.


Nottingham City CCG & General Practice Alliance

"One of the real benefits of TeamNet is it recognises that every practice is a little different and because of that you can adapt everything to work for you, which is something I really value as a Practice Manager"


Southport & Formby Health

"Having one platform to use also created a familiar look and feel for users. This helped to accelerate learning amongst staff and is especially powerful with an increasing number of sessional GPs and other clinicians working across multiple member practices"


One Care

"Within eighteen months, a large number of our practices are now using TeamNet and many have stopped using previous systems and solutions. The system has made collaboration across multiple practices so much easier. It is fast becoming an invaluable tool within our organisation and we cannot wait to see how it helps us evolve in the future."