Clarity Prodigy

Available for healthcare professionals and students working around the world, Prodigy is a practical online resource offering treatment guidance, prescribing information, and management guidance to aid healthcare workers at the point of care and to help diagnose and treat patients.


Why Prodigy?

Prodigy is one of the UK’s most trusted clinical decision support tools, and forms the content for the Clinical Knowledge Summaries (CKS) service for the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).  The clinical guidance is regularly monitored and reviewed using NICE accredited processes ensuring its quality and accuracy. New topics are added every year ensuring it is always up to date. If you are based in the UK this content is available free of charge at NICE CKS.

Product Features

Clarity Prodigy

Over 370 clinical topics consisting of over 1200 clinical presentations or patient scenarios.


The most up to date evidence-based information for clinicians. Updated every month ensuring its accuracy.


Content created by trusted experts and authors using a NICE accredited process.

Who is it for?

Designed to assist GPs, GP registrars, family doctors, nurses, and pharmacists in primary care/first contact care and is popular with students as a learning tool. 

Designed for healthcare professionals to:

Provides clear & concise recommendations that:

Prodigy includes the following areas:


Prodigy is designed to be a practical resource to aid healthcare professionals at the point of care, which is devised from rigorously reviewed and researched evidence, as well as providing a useful educational resource.

Sample Topic - Asthma

To provide you with a greater insight of what Prodigy can offer, please view our information around the common condition of Asthma, which impacts thousands of UK citizens.


If you are an organisation and interested in a group subscription, please contact us using the form below.

Prodigy - Individual

£99.99 per annum (excl VAT)

Prodigy - Student

£49.99 per annum (excl VAT)

Groups & Organisations

From January 2021, groups and organisations outside of the UK will be able to subscribe to Clarity’s Diagnosis and Treament Guidance (Clarity Prodigy) through MedicinesComplete, an online platform from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

About MedicinesComplete

MedicinesComplete, from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is the definitive online resource for drug and healthcare information, bringing together the world’s leading resources to provide healthcare professionals with expert and unbiased knowledge to make the best clinical decisions on
the use and administration of drugs and medicines.

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