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We are mindful of the information overload which is part of the issue for clinicians at this time.

We have therefore created a distillation of the current advice in meaningful but brief updates. These are based on NICE rapid guidelines and evidence summaries and are incorporated into the CKS topics within hours of the new guidance being issued.

Latest Update

Platelets and Carcinoma

A short video on high and low platelet counts and their associations with carcinoma and carcinoma treatments.

Previous Updates

July 2020

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COVID-19 and progress on a vaccine

This brief video gives an outline of the progress on the latest research relating to the Oxford and Wuhan vaccines for COVID-19.

June 2020

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Why R numbers are key to herd immunity

This brief video explains the importance of R numbers in epidemic infections and also why they determine the percentage herd immunity required for specific infections, including COVID-19.

May 2020

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BTS Guideline on long-term macrolides for respiratory disease

This short video outlines the recent headlines from the British Thoracic Society Guideline for the use of long-term macrolides in adults with respiratory disease. This guideline covers common respiratory conditions with the potential for frequent infective exacerbations presenting in primary care including asthma, COPD, and bronchiectasis.

The main message for GPs in managing these conditions is to maximise current therapies for patients before considering referral to secondary care as part of a management plan, which might then include longer term macrolide therapy.

April 2020

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NSAIDs, DMARDs, COPD and Pneumonia diagnosis

This month’s video is a summary of the latest updates to NICE guidance and CKS topics. As you may know NICE have been producing rapid guidelines and evidence summaries in order to support clinicians with the best recommendations in the current environment. This information should provide pragmatic advice when faced with patients who have chronic ill-health and who may have suspected COVID-19 infection.

The range of topics covered in this month’s video includes NSAIDs and DMARDs, advice for people who have COPD and making a diagnosis of pneumonia.

Usage of the videos is subject to the terms of use.

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