CPD Accreditation

Clarity e-learning courses

All our statutory and mandatory e-learning courses and modules are aligned with the National CSTF (Core Skills Training Framework) and Care Certificate learning goals and outcomes. All our clinical and non-clinical courses are CPD certified – View our certificate.

Our clinical courses are written by the same team who create our CKS content. Our CKS content is NICE accredited – View our NICE accreditation listing.

Modules will be fully reviewed and updated every year. We will update a course sooner if significant new evidence emerges such as:

· Publication of new/updated national guidance

· New updated national polices, safety information, or new legislation

· New medications or indications, adverse effects, or interactions of medications

· Other important new evidence, for example from NICE, SIGN, or Cochrane reviews


Our courses and modules are developed and updated using the best available evidence. High-quality secondary evidence from national bodies is identified first, and primary research and expert opinion sought where necessary.

Relevant information

The development process has a number of checks to make sure that the information is relevant and appropriate to primary healthcare professionals:

· Thorough scoping and review process

· Input from healthcare professionals with extensive primary care experience

· Consultation with GPs, pharmacists, and lay members

· Feedback received from external reviewers, CPD certification body, and users

New content

We will publish new CPD accredited courses or modules every month.

If you would like us to revise our content to widen the information we provide or create a new course which you feel is important to you or your colleagues, please contact us.