One team, multiple sites, and locations? No problem, TeamNet’s got it covered!

We are delighted to announce that TeamNet’s most recent update includes new ‘multi-site’ functionality.

This means that one team operating across more than one building or location can use just one portal to assign and report on important information whilst differentiating between these sites. TeamNet’s contactless check-in and out digital register ‘Who is On Site’ has also been included in the update, which means that staff and visitors can now be accurately registered by practice location. This greatly improves the usability of the register for those practices operating across more than one site.

So why is this important?

To begin with, this update has been requested by users, so we know there is a real need for this! As more and more practices join TeamNet (more than 60% of practices use TeamNet every day), it becomes increasingly important to us that TeamNet is practical and fit for purpose for every type of organisation operating within primary care.

At the very core of TeamNet’s offering is the power to transform the way in which teams access information and the way it simplifies managing and processing structured information required by the CQC. Now more than ever, it is crucial that primary care teams have rapid access to up-to-date clinical and practice information, improved methods of communication, and information sharing to ensure consistency across patient care.

The latest update may seem a relatively simple one on the surface (believe us when we say it was much more complicated than you would imagine!), but it represents an additional efficiency that TeamNet can offer practice managers and teams. Once again, it helps to ensure that compliance-related information is recorded, assigned, and reported properly, representing one less thing to worry about.