Introducing ‘Who Is On Site’

An easy to use, contact free way of recording who is on site – now available in Clarity TeamNet!

We are delighted to announce the release of a new module to TeamNet, called ‘Who Is On Site’ – which is an effective, contact free way recording who is on or off site at any given moment.

Using QR code functionality, ‘Who Is On Site’ replaces traditional sign in and out registers usually managed by the reception team. It will provide Practice Management with an instant and up-to-date summary of everyone who is both on and off the premises. This is especially useful for contact tracing or when a hazard or security risk has been identified.

In addition, given paper records can often be difficult to read and manage, this new method of checking staff and visitors in and out offers organised and accessible data for audit and compliance purposes.

With the increasing use and familiarity of QR codes during the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been a better time for GP practices to implement a contact-free electronic check in/out register. 

At Clarity we continually work to develop our products with feedback we receive from our customers, and we know this functionality will be welcomed by many of our customers.