Important message for users of Clarity Appraisals for Doctors

You will be aware that that NHS England is restarting the medicals appraisals process from 1st October this year, after it was paused in March to allow doctors to focus on the COVID-19 response.

We have been in direct discussion with NHS England regarding the new format and are pleased to say that the revised Medical Appraisal 2020 template is now available to use.

For more information, please log into your Appraisals account, where detailed instructions and advice are provided. The new template is now available to you the next time that you login to your account. Any previously recorded information in the standard Clarity appraisal is automatically imported into the Medical Appraisal 2020 template.

We hope that you find the appraisal template the straightforward and easy to follow. Please feel able to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.