Clarity Appraisals for Paramedics available now – in partnership with Brooke Petter Associates Ltd

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Appraisals for Paramedics product – an online portfolio and appraisal solution to assist paramedics with their professional development and ensure their alignment to professional standards.

The Primary Care landscape is going through a period of significant change. Practices and Primary Care Networks are coming together, with the aim to provide integrated and community-based care for patients. Primary Care Networks are expected to become a larger more inclusive primary care team, with practices expected to work with Community Trusts, the voluntary sector and other agencies.   This changing landscape has seen a steady growth in Paramedics within the Primary Care sector, numbering approximately 600 in 2019 ( Since the formation of the paramedic professional body (College of Paramedics) in 2000, paramedics have continued to develop and expand their practice against the backdrop of profound changes in the traditional ‘999 Call’ emergency care workload. Their skills and training have an important place in supporting Primary Care teams, providing a ‘providing a much-needed boost to Primary Care recruitment and bringing a fresh approach to care management and same day urgent care’ (Martin Jones, Medical Director Primary Care and Commissioning).

Appraisals for Paramedics is the very first web-based appraisal and portfolio tool for paramedics working in the primary care sector.  It includes the national Health Education England/Skills for Health core capabilities guidance, plus other relevant procedural and ACP skills and is designed for paramedics and those who employ them. Our bespoke solution for Paramedics has been developed in partnership with Brooke Petter Associates Ltd, who are long-established established experts in the field. Their expertise has been integral to the product’s development, ensuring it serves as a valuable and time-saving aid for paramedics. With the increase of specialist and advanced paramedic roles, the Appraisals for Paramedics solution aims to assist regulatory bodies with quality assurance.

Further information can be found here